Help others to be great.
In this world you have two options; to wander through your life not really knowing or caring where you are going or to be great. Great at inspiring others helping people in need, in whatever way you can, sometimes just a smile, or brightening someones’ day just by reminding them how amazing they are. It can mean world for them and that’s exactly how you grow – by lifting others. Do it for yourself, everything in this world is based on energy. Give your love, as well as learn to receive it. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you have to work hard on yourself first, seeing as how you can’t really help anyone as long as you haven’t helped yourself.

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ImageImage (2)Vanity PlanetI had good friend, she was becoming a star, everyone loved her! Her voice was something from another world, and it all seemed to come naturally. She didn’t have good education or many years experience. When she was singing it felt like all the world is silent and listening to her. But even the biggest talents have doubters, only way to stay great is by BELIEVING in yourself first and foremost. So this girl never knew how amazing she was, she started using drugs because it was only way she could feel happy. We had a falling out because of this. Because our relationship obviously ended after she started to act shady, started to lie to herself and didn’t listen to any loved trying to help her. I haven’t seen her since, but from what I’ve heard and seen, her situation has deteriorated even further.Image-2Believe in your self!
The point of the story is not about a girl who used drugs or how drugs are so bad, they are what you make of them. Story is about girl who never believed in herself, her talent was just a blessing. I am confident every single person has a talent of some kind, even if they don’t know it yet, that’s why it’s important to first find yourself before you help others. Nobody knows where have you been, what kind of difficulties you have survived and what you’ve been through.

You are a magnet for everything.
both good and bad. Every thought you give to world will come back to you, even the smallest negative thoughts will change your future and so will the good ones.

Your future is what you make of it. After you learn to love the world and everyone around you, you will see a difference right away. Just try it! You are what you are thinking and every decision you make can bring you new opportunities, new friends, new adventures and open new doors.

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Believe that you are amazing, you are powerful, you are special and you are capable! I Believe YOU CAN!




All leaders are readers.

Read books!!
It’s the most important part in changing your thinking. Find a book that helps you become a better version of yourself. If being successful means being rich, read about money, if your goal is to be the perfect parent, read books about parenting. Read to change. Books are the tools that help us become better people…  Even book of a month will help you a lot. Reading helps you to understand others, open eyes and mind to world. Thankfully, we live in a new millennium, but, my dear, Facebook is not a book! 🙂

Choose right people around you.

My second tip is about surrounding yourself with successful people. Try to find people who push themselves and you, when it seems that there is nowhere to go. I actually didn’t search for them, I was focused on bettering myself and they actually found me, they helped me the power and confidence so I could reach my goal. You are the only person you can count on, and love what you do, and i promise there will be people who love it as well.
Look at your three closest friends.

Who are they? What are they talking about? Other people or New Ideas? All my friends are taking me to places I’d most dreamed of being in, both literally and figuratively. You need people who are inspiring, people who can help you, who uplift you to your goals. You need to follow your goals and you can only do that by being around the right people.Topshop  US

After hard work comes success.
All my fears are gone.Before this I wasn’t scared of new things, but my biggest fear was being alone, and now I can say its a gift being lonely. Everything that happens, happens for the better. And after you find yourself your life begins. Be patient and read to change After you get to know me a little better I will show you what was my most coveted desire!! You will love it!! :))

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Have you ever been in situation where you wanted to change, to be different?
If yes, then I can say that’s first step to success. I’ve been there before. I was living a life where everyone was trying teach me how to live according to their worldview.Growing up ,there were always teachers, friends and neighbors who told me who or what I should be. As I was listening, I kept thinking THEY have more experience in this world and so THEY must know better. STOP!!! That has to change!

It should be all about YOU.

It’s your life to live and who are they to tell you what to do? What do YOU want to be? Where do YOU want to be , how do YOU want to live? Nobody knows or cares as much as you do.

When I realized what has to change..

I lost all my friends. I was completely alone and kept finding myself being stuck in different ways to express myself.Then I bought sewing machine. Started to sketch. My day started 6 in the morning and I went to bed every night at 3AM, exhausted, but driven. I was obsessed with my long held passion for Fashion Design. But the more I learned, the more I knew how little I knew. I didn’t have any experience, just a dream and a conviction.After a while I asked my self “Is this what I want to do all my life? Give my precious time and attention for this?”

The answer was YES, but now, when I look back from a safe distance provided by time, I realize, that I was looking for a purpose in life, and clutched to a thing I’ve always thought was my calling, but really, I just wanted something to call my own, something to be remembered by.

But in the end I found MYSELF!

My thinking happened to change. I started to control my thoughts, I became a better, more driven version of me, that I can be proud of, matter what happens.

People who I wish never left my life, actually stayed in it, we just took different routes to once again meet. I’ve met new people, who were successful in their lives. It has helped me to step in to next chapter of my life.

And now I know who I am.
I have a clear vision where… where once was only doubt. My daily routine has to change now to keep me focused on what really matters.
Now I know that that all this is getting me there where I should be, closer to my dreams becoming a reality. I am following my dreams and I trust the process with all my heart.Image-6


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Nobody believed in me, But I believed in myself and that was enough. Before this shift of who I am, other’s opinions affected me a lot.
I always thought – “What will they think? What will they say?”
But now, after I’ve had some time think about my life, I don’t give a s*it what they think, and you shouldn’t either.
That’s because there is always somebody who is waiting for you to leave, waiting for you to fail, and thinking negative thoughts. All their energy, good or bad, will come back to them and that’s the reason why they are where they are.
And, as I am, finally, on the right track, I can say: You don’t have time and energy to waste on thinking about others.
Read the next part tomorrow: I will tell you 3 things I had experienced and what helped me to find some inner peace.


Life Theatre

Hi, Loves! This year is a revolutionary one for me. I can proudly say that I am learning to live a different life, and this year I want to share my thoughts and soul, as I am becoming a more thoughtful and compassionate with each passing day.


I Love to do my make-up so much that whenever I have to get ready for something I’m always the one person that’s running late, because I get carried away and I spend the last 30 or so minutes frantically looking for an appropriate outfit. For me its not just about looking good, as much as it is about getting tangled in a web of self betterment and it makes me feel like this strong and confident person, that I know I am.

This one time I had 3 hours to get ready, hoping that this time I wouldn’t have to rush. . . YEAH RIGHT ! In reality it meant more hours for makeup , and a last minute outfit and a haircut that seemed like it was made by stray wind 😀


Anyway, in this post I wanted to tell you about how I enjoyed an improv theater performance I saw yesterday, but not specific scenes or raunchy jokes they told on stage.
Most surprisingly, I loved how they follow their dreams, and it shows, even in their movements, body language , eyes, smiles, voices. I am a kind of a person that likes to observe people wherever I go. I’ve learned to watch people discreetly, I look from afar, but get a peek into their lives! And it tells me a lot about this beautiful world, how they actually feels about you, how beautiful everyone is, in their own way 🙂


Life is improvisational theatre aswell, your future depends on your choices, what you say, what you think. It can attract people or it can drive them away from you. It’s your choice if someone breaks your heart, it’s your choice if you earn your first million! Even though most of these choices might see unimportant.
Just understand that and sort out your own life, build your empire! But this philosophy of life I discovered recently and I am learning how to act in my improvisational theatre, which we call LIFE. Universe loves good actors and we’re all on stage, it gives one more and more options.


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So, my Dear reader, please follow your dreams, be kind, be loving, helpful and supportive to everyone and life will love you right back! Thank you so much for being here And never lose your positivity.

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Keep Your Skin Happy

Yesterday we were shooting, after I checked photos I realized that I look so mature!! Seriously why time fly so fast? You get older without being noticed. I want back my baby face! Okay just jokes, I remember when I was child and wanted to grow up so fast and voilà I am a woman now who knows exactly what she wants. And I want the best. Not only for me but for everyone. Maybe I cannot get back my baby face but I can care for my face, the trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it.


So Today it’s  at home spa, I choosed sheet mask by Garnier Moisture+ Aqua Bomb because it’s supposed to be super-easy to use: just tap on and go, trust me it’s important! Hatred against cream masks began on my Cosmetology school we was practicing beauty treatments for 3 years like 3 times a week!! And we needed to take cream masks off with little towels and bowl of hot water, creams usually melts into your skin and water gets dirty after one dip it was so terrifying,  after that I prefer gel or serum form. 🙂 Garnier sheet mask is super-hydrating for dehydrated skin, plumps up your skin and leaves skin super soft and fresh looking.


Skin, particularly your face is in constant contact with the external environment. Not always you need cosmetic procedures to get beautiful skin, actually key for beautiful skin hides in your daily routine. Sometimes it’s enough to protect skin from UV (ALWAYS use cream with SPF) as well wind and frost is drying skin, so the best option to choose is oils or paraffin mask, aloe vera gel, collagen… They protect skin but at the same time allow your skin to breathe.


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Step one for facial at home is to remove all make-up I prefer micellar water (Its magical potion removes make-up, dirt and oils all in one) and can give you the complexion of your dreams.

Step two is to choose scrub or peeling, I like AHA peeling once again easy to remove and it does everything for you (keep in mind after AHA you can’t go in sun, next day use SPF).

Step three is mask time and try to lay down while your mask is working, because we are looking for relaxation 🙂

Last step is cream, serums, oils anything you prefer for your daily routine+ eye cream. I fell in love with Garnier Moisture+Matte, the formula mattifies and unifies the look of your skintone for a fresh finish. To choose the best skin care products it’s good to be informed about components, I researched about Garnier products we used in this post and I must say it’s excellent choice for young girls for such affordable price , after 25 I suggest dermocosmetics (you can get on pharmacies- Vichy, Bioderma, Eucerin and other), diffrence is that dermocosmetics works deeper in your skin (derma level).Try Garnier Miracle Line for youthful-looking skin.


Always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ! It gives you confidence and makes you smile. And smiling people are the most beautiful – don’t you agree?

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Attachment8Nevertheless it’s spring and that’s something to be euphoric about! With spring normally in your closet comes colors, except for me- bright color racist 🙂 –trying to step out my all black everything game and trying to fresh up my favorite color and leather jacket. I love leather I am pretty much leather jacket kind of girl.


Truly and freely swing into new week pairing leather with nude swing dress, for accessories t felt camel fedora hat, suede tan Mango bag I found at sale, and nude Etsy choker.  My favorite part about this outfit probably is my suede fringe knee high boots which makes basic outfit effective.

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