Keep Your Skin Happy

Yesterday we were shooting, after I checked photos I realized that I look so mature!! Seriously why time fly so fast? You get older without being noticed. I want back my baby face! Okay just jokes, I remember when I was child and wanted to grow up so fast and voilà I am a woman now who knows exactly what she wants. And I want the best. Not only for me but for everyone. Maybe I cannot get back my baby face but I can care for my face, the trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it.


So Today it’s  at home spa, I choosed sheet mask by Garnier Moisture+ Aqua Bomb because it’s supposed to be super-easy to use: just tap on and go, trust me it’s important! Hatred against cream masks began on my Cosmetology school we was practicing beauty treatments for 3 years like 3 times a week!! And we needed to take cream masks off with little towels and bowl of hot water, creams usually melts into your skin and water gets dirty after one dip it was so terrifying,  after that I prefer gel or serum form. 🙂 Garnier sheet mask is super-hydrating for dehydrated skin, plumps up your skin and leaves skin super soft and fresh looking.


Skin, particularly your face is in constant contact with the external environment. Not always you need cosmetic procedures to get beautiful skin, actually key for beautiful skin hides in your daily routine. Sometimes it’s enough to protect skin from UV (ALWAYS use cream with SPF) as well wind and frost is drying skin, so the best option to choose is oils or paraffin mask, aloe vera gel, collagen… They protect skin but at the same time allow your skin to breathe.


Image (3)

Step one for facial at home is to remove all make-up I prefer micellar water (Its magical potion removes make-up, dirt and oils all in one) and can give you the complexion of your dreams.

Step two is to choose scrub or peeling, I like AHA peeling once again easy to remove and it does everything for you (keep in mind after AHA you can’t go in sun, next day use SPF).

Step three is mask time and try to lay down while your mask is working, because we are looking for relaxation 🙂

Last step is cream, serums, oils anything you prefer for your daily routine+ eye cream. I fell in love with Garnier Moisture+Matte, the formula mattifies and unifies the look of your skintone for a fresh finish. To choose the best skin care products it’s good to be informed about components, I researched about Garnier products we used in this post and I must say it’s excellent choice for young girls for such affordable price , after 25 I suggest dermocosmetics (you can get on pharmacies- Vichy, Bioderma, Eucerin and other), diffrence is that dermocosmetics works deeper in your skin (derma level).Try Garnier Miracle Line for youthful-looking skin.


Always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ! It gives you confidence and makes you smile. And smiling people are the most beautiful – don’t you agree?

Garnier Moisture+MAtte
Aqua- Base
Glycerin- Non-toxic, triglycerides
Isononyl- Ester
Isononanoate- Ester

Alcohol denat- Drying type of alcohol aggravates and weakens skin

Acer  saccharinum extract- slough off dead skin cells

stabilizer and viscosity increasing agent

Benzyl alcohol-
solvent and preservative

Benzyl salicyLATE- Ester

Biosaccharide Gum-1- Moistruzing and skin soothing

Camellia sinensis leaf extract- antioxidant and anti- carcinogenic

Capryl glycol- Preservatives (irritating and harmful to the skin)

CI42090- synthetic dye
Acid yellow  3- synthetic dye

Citronellol- Naturally occurring scent ingredient

Disodium Ethylene Dicocamide PEG-15 disculfate-
humectants, emulsion stabilizers

Glyceril sterate- Ester
Glyceril sterate citrate- Emollient
Limonene- perfuming
Linalool- Terpene
Mannose- Skin- Conditioning Agent
Phenoxyethanol- Preservative, stabilizer
Pyrus malus water- Fragrance ingredient
Silica- Thickening Agent
Sodium acrylates crosspolymer-2- Ester

Sodium hydroxide-
Control the pH levels, strong irritant

Tetrasodium edta- Enhanced skin absorption

Xanthan gum- non-toxic thickening agent
Garnier Moisture+Aqua Bomb
Aqua- Base
Propylene glycol- Humectant
Glycerin- Non-toxic, triglycerides
Alcohol- Drying, weakens skin
p-Anisic acid- Antiseptic proporties
Dipotassium glycyrrhizate- skin conditioning agent
Glyceryl acrylate- Humectant
Hamamelis Virginiana leaf water- Astringen, mild ingredient.
Hydroxyethylcellulose- Gelling and Thickening agent
Limonene- Naturally occurring fragrance
Mannose- Humectant
Methylparaben-  Anti-fungal agent
PEG-40- Binder, Humectant
Hydrogenated castor oil- Emollient
Phenoxyethanol-  Preservative
Potassium Hydroxide- pH adjuster, buffer
Potassium sorbate- Preservatives
Propylparaben- Preservatives
Punica granatum fruit extract- High vitamin C and antioxidants
PVM/MA Copolymer- ester
Sodium Benzoate- Preseratives
Sodium Hyaluronate- giving skin plumped up hydrated appearance

Sorbic Acid- Preservatives
Sorbitol- Prevent moisture loss
Xanthan Gum- non-toxic thickening agent


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