Have you ever been in situation where you wanted to change, to be different?

If yes, then I can say that’s first step to success. I’ve been there before. I was living a life where everyone was trying teach me how to live according to their worldview.Growing up ,there were always teachers, friends and neighbors who told me who or what I should be. As I was listening, I kept thinking THEY have more experience in this world and so THEY must know better. STOP!!! That has to change!

It should be all about YOU.

It’s your life to live and who are they to tell you what to do? What do YOU want to be? Where do YOU want to be , how do YOU want to live? Nobody knows or cares as much as you do.

When I realized what has to change..

I lost all my friends. I was completely alone and kept finding myself being stuck in different ways to express myself.Then I bought sewing machine. Started to sketch. My day started 6 in the morning and I went to bed every night at 3AM, exhausted, but driven. I was obsessed with my long held passion for Fashion Design. But the more I learned, the more I knew how little I knew. I didn’t have any experience, just a dream and a conviction.After a while I asked my self “Is this what I want to do all my life? Give my precious time and attention for this?”

The answer was YES, but now, when I look back from a safe distance provided by time, I realize, that I was looking for a purpose in life, and clutched to a thing I’ve always thought was my calling, but really, I just wanted something to call my own, something to be remembered by.

But in the end I found MYSELF!

My thinking happened to change. I started to control my thoughts, I became a better, more driven version of me, that I can be proud of, matter what happens.

People who I wish never left my life, actually stayed in it, we just took different routes to once again meet. I’ve met new people, who were successful in their lives. It has helped me to step in to next chapter of my life.

And now I know who I am.
I have a clear vision where… where once was only doubt. My daily routine has to change now to keep me focused on what really matters.
Now I know that that all this is getting me there where I should be, closer to my dreams becoming a reality. I am following my dreams and I trust the process with all my heart.Image-6


Topshop  US
Nobody believed in me, But I believed in myself and that was enough. Before this shift of who I am, other’s opinions affected me a lot.
I always thought – “What will they think? What will they say?”
But now, after I’ve had some time think about my life, I don’t give a s*it what they think, and you shouldn’t either.
That’s because there is always somebody who is waiting for you to leave, waiting for you to fail, and thinking negative thoughts. All their energy, good or bad, will come back to them and that’s the reason why they are where they are.
And, as I am, finally, on the right track, I can say: You don’t have time and energy to waste on thinking about others.
Read the next part tomorrow: I will tell you 3 things I had experienced and what helped me to find some inner peace.



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