Help others to be great.
In this world you have two options; to wander through your life not really knowing or caring where you are going or to be great. Great at inspiring others helping people in need, in whatever way you can, sometimes just a smile, or brightening someones’ day just by reminding them how amazing they are. It can mean world for them and that’s exactly how you grow – by lifting others. Do it for yourself, everything in this world is based on energy. Give your love, as well as learn to receive it. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you have to work hard on yourself first, seeing as how you can’t really help anyone as long as you haven’t helped yourself.

Image-1 (1)
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc
ImageImage (2)Vanity PlanetI had good friend, she was becoming a star, everyone loved her! Her voice was something from another world, and it all seemed to come naturally. She didn’t have good education or many years experience. When she was singing it felt like all the world is silent and listening to her. But even the biggest talents have doubters, only way to stay great is by BELIEVING in yourself first and foremost. So this girl never knew how amazing she was, she started using drugs because it was only way she could feel happy. We had a falling out because of this. Because our relationship obviously ended after she started to act shady, started to lie to herself and didn’t listen to any loved trying to help her. I haven’t seen her since, but from what I’ve heard and seen, her situation has deteriorated even further.Image-2Believe in your self!
The point of the story is not about a girl who used drugs or how drugs are so bad, they are what you make of them. Story is about girl who never believed in herself, her talent was just a blessing. I am confident every single person has a talent of some kind, even if they don’t know it yet, that’s why it’s important to first find yourself before you help others. Nobody knows where have you been, what kind of difficulties you have survived and what you’ve been through.

You are a magnet for everything.
both good and bad. Every thought you give to world will come back to you, even the smallest negative thoughts will change your future and so will the good ones.

Your future is what you make of it. After you learn to love the world and everyone around you, you will see a difference right away. Just try it! You are what you are thinking and every decision you make can bring you new opportunities, new friends, new adventures and open new doors.

Image-1 (2)Avéne USA

Believe that you are amazing, you are powerful, you are special and you are capable! I Believe YOU CAN!


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